Why-we-need-to-create-a-website?As we are in 21st century, we have stepped into a machinery world with the advancement in Technology. Beginning with the industrialization, then the urbanization and at last globalization, the world has become a global village with the centralization and computerization. And then Information Technology has reached its peak by out giving so many beneficial products. Internet is the wonderful product which enhances man to become hectic and it’s became a challenge for him. As men are entangled in ret race, they are anxiously trying to make them sumptuous. So they became Internet dependents. And also internet has become a platform for man to express his ideas, skills, and abilities etc to the world. So he earns a lot of things through the marvellous Internet.

What is a website?

Website is a circle of documents or web pages containing utile content such as text of paragraph, pictures, video, audio, music, etc. It is hosted on a web server and accessible through a network called internet. A website must have a unique address known as URL (Uniform Resource Locator) and it’s publicly is reached by WWW (World Wide Web).

Reasons for creating a website

There are a lot of reasons available to create a website. Because people, anxious to convey their message to others or at least to their friends. For that, people always need to find a proper way. As far as I am concerned, website will be a proper solution for their need. You can create websites for fun, to market or promote goods and services, to start an online based business, to exhibits the loving moments of family photos etc…

How to create a website?

A website must have a unique address called, domain name. You have to select a domain name for your website, so you have to buy the domain name to get started. The domain name which you are going to select should be related to the title of your website and it should be less than 20 characters, easy to remember and something to pronounce easily. Always keep these things in mind while you are buying a domain name.

With the experience, I am going to share about Namecheap domain registers. You can check here for the price list of all types of domains. When you have registered a domain at Namecheap you will get some useful features for free in extra. See the following list

  • URL & Email Forwarding (no-ads)
  • Reliable DNS servers
  • Dynamic DNS
  • Content Modifications Rights
  • Registrar lock
  • WhoisGuard Privacy Protection
  • Security Notifications
  • Advanced Control Panel
  • Domain Push Feature
  • Customizable Parking Page
  • Nameserver Registration

Some other registers provide their service with fewer options or need to pay extra money to get these types of features. For an example the feature WhoisGuard Privacy Protection allows you to keep your contact details safe by replacing it with their contact information on WHOIS. This is the fantastic feature that every domain name must have.

Then you must have a proper hosting package to host your website. This is a very important stage to select suitable hosting package as per your need. It’s depends on your requirements and type of the website. If you are going to build a simple website like blog you don’t need much space for it. You can select basic plan. The Namecheap also provide a hosting package for a simple website called Value (package name for starters). This package is really enough for a single website. You can select Professional (package name for multiple) to host multiple websites. You can get more information about hosting packages at Namecheap support centre and also you can use the following coupons codes to get discounts.

  • HNY12
  • 2012ROX

Now you have understood about basics of a website and why you need to create a one for you. So let’s start to create your own today with our reviewed Web Design Tutorials. Best of luck!

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